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Are you a proud guinea pig owner and would you like to add something unique and personal to your home?


Surprise yourself with a unique portrait of your guinea pig in Pigginess style! If you have multiple guinea pigs, our single portrait option is also a fun way to expand your collection and personalize your home.


Do you want to give a special gift to another guinea pig owner?


A unique illustrated portrait of their guinea pig in Pigginess style is a personal and original gift idea that is sure to be appreciated. And if they have multiple guinea pigs, our single portrait option is perfect for expanding their collection.


This gives you an unforgettable gift to the guinea pig lover in your life!


If you decide to order a portrait, I will ask you via email to send photos of the guinea pig(s). I will use these photos as a basis for the illustration and make sure the unique colors are clearly visible. The portrait will contain only the portrait of the guinea pig(s), without background or props.


The portrait is supplied as a digital file in different sizes: A5, A4 and A3. The file will be ready to print, including a 3mm 'bleed', and will be supplied as a PNG file so you can use it as an image.


After ordering the portrait, I will start working on the illustration within 2 weeks. I will send you the draft and if you have any feedback, you can give it in a one-time round. After I have processed the feedback, you will receive the final portrait in your mailbox!


It's a beautiful way to honor your beloved guinea pig and a great gift idea for yourself or for another guinea pig lover!


I'm looking forward to getting started on your guinea pig portrait!

Single Portrait

PriceFrom €27.50
Sales Tax Included